Young Sabahan promotes local food through social media accounts

KOTA BELUD: A business graduate here has turned to social media to promote exotic and traditional dishes in Sabah.

Pison Jaujip, 33, said traditional food was a part of Sabah’s native people’s identity and that it was important to share the information with others.

“I created a social media account under the name of ‘Ropuhan Di Tanak Wagu’ to share new and improved local tradition recipes with fellow Sabahans.

“It is also to convince them that our local produces are on a par with imported goods,” he said, adding that the meaning of the username is “kitchen for a young man” in Kadazandusun language.

Pison started posting about traditional delicacies on his website, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube since last year.

Among the photos he shared were tuhau (pickle wild ginger), bambangan (wild mango), butod (sago worm), kodop (fungus), and bee larvae.

Despite being busy with his business in selling local rice, Pison finds time to obtain raw ingredients from the forest or oil palm plantation.

He also likes to go to the tamu, or weekly market, here as it gives him the opportunity to exchange information about traditional food with the people there.

“I have been cooking and preparing traditional food since I was a child.

“I have fond memories of helping my grandmother to make bosou (fermented river fish with pangi/keluak and rice),” he said, adding that his favourite dish was the fish soup cooked with bambangan.

Pison also posted videos on his social media accounts, sharing recipes of tuhau-flavoured mayonnaise, tuhau fried chicken, sambal liposu, sago crepe with banana and even tapai (rice wine).

“For now, people from Sabah and Sarawak are very supportive (of what I have been doing). There are also many visitors from peninsular Malaysia asking about the ingredients for my recipes.

“I hope through social media, I could generate more interest and exposure locally and abroad on Sabahan cuisines and raw ingredients.”

Pison’s perseverance and passion in promoting local foods have recently started to bear fruit.

He had the oppprtunity to film with a local television to showcase food, such as bambangan soup, grilled salted fish, brinjal and local banana and corns, at a campsite here.

He was also invited as a guest exhibitor at several food festivals in the state to demonstrate cooking and promote local dishes to more people.

Source: New Straits Times