What We Do

  1. Develop and provide a policy and guidelines for sustainable tourism development for Sabah in line with national policies
  2. Provide input on suitability/appropriateness of tourism development project if it involves:
    1. application of state land, and appropriateness
    2. private land, to ensure it is in line with state policies, legal requirements, zoning, marketing and promotional efforts
  3. If the project is viable and developers show capacity to be able to carry out the project successfully according to state and federal policy and guidelines, the Ministry may provide appropriate letters of support and recommendations for the applicant and developers to secure the necessary financial support/loans from commercial banks.

What We Do Not Do:

  1. This Ministry does not issue license for operating tourism establishments ie. Hotels, lodgings, various types of accommodations for tourists and visitors, eating places, gift shops and tour operations, and other related tourism activities
  2. This Ministry does not issue licences for in-bound tours as well as out-bound tours including operations of tour/tourist buses ( See Linkages to MOT)

To achieve our vision, the following departments and agencies were established under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment. Each of them plays an important role in providing services to develop and manage tourism, culture and environment sectors.

Sabah Museum

To collect, preserve, conserve, document, exhibit and intepret material evidence and associated information on history, culture and the natural heritage of Sabah by through exhibition and display for the people today and future generations.

Department of Wildlife

Protection and conservation of wildlife and associated tourism products, and provide opporunities for tourism development through research, identification of potential tourism spot, eco-tourism partnership, and technical assistance.

Environment Protection Department

Advise the government of development activities, to comply with various environmental legislation and guidelines so that the process of development do not unduly degrade the environment.

Sabah Tourism Board

Its principal objective is to increase visitor arrivals to Sabah and to attract the critical mass of visitors from key markets.

Sabah Parks

Protection and management of designated conservation areas as parks, for conservation needs and other uses. It also provides a resource for the development of various tourism related business opportunities, directly and indirectly.

Sabah Cultural Board

To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Sabah in line with the National Policy on culture. To identify and document the cultural heritage of Sabah. To educate everyone, especially the younger generation on the heritage of Sabah.