Where to Obtain Licenses

  1. Licenses for operating tourism establishments i.e. Hotels, various type of accommodations for tourists and visitors, eating places, gifts shops and tour operations, and other related tourism activities must be obtained from the relevant municipal and district councils, or city halls where the proposed operation are to be located.
  2. Licenses for in-bound tour (as well as out-bound tours) operations including operations of tour/tourist buses must be obtained from the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Sabah Office (Motour Sabah), where a branch office is located at Level 4, Wisma San Hin, Plaza Wawasan, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.


How We Support Applications

for Licenses/Permits

  1. The Ministry encourages and supports in-bound tourism and other related tourism activities and tourism development projects if these contribute positively to the tourism development in Sabah and their multiple impacts on other sectors of the economy, e.g. contribute to national revenue and spread economic benefits to rural areas.
  2. The Ministry will provide the necessary support accordingly with appropriate letters of recommendations etc to support the above activities if they are viable, and also assist in kind with appropriate publicity through tourism publications published by tourism agencies under the purview of the Ministry.

For more detail on licensing, please visit web site of Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia