Bamboo and ginger pioneers honoured at festival

TAMBUNAN: Two bamboo and ginger pioneers in this area received certificates of appreciation at the district level Bamboo and Ginger Festival held at Pisompuruan Square here last Thursday.

They are the late Peter Lupang Tingkalus, the bamboo pioneer, and Supilin Galingai, the ginger pioneer.

Deputy Chief Minister cum Infrastructure Development Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, who officiated at the festival, presented the certificates to both recipients, with Mrs Cathrine Peter representing her late father in receiving his certificate.

The late Peter hailed from Bingkor, Keningau and was a Forestry Department employee who worked as a Forest Guard in 1936.

At the time, the number of bamboo plants in the Tambunan area had been greatly reduced due to uncontrolled bamboo consumption as it was used in almost all aspects of community life in the area.

After realising the problem and worrying about the extinction of bamboo plants in the area, Peter along with OKK Taliban had embarked on a preliminary effort to control the cutting and harvesting of bamboo trees by issuing special permits.

Special permits issued would be requested by the villagers on the condition that each one of the logged bamboos be replaced by planting 10 more bamboo shoots.

This step proved to be effective even until today as the local community could see the number of bamboo groups growing throughout the district.

The culture of planting bamboo among the population is still ongoing to this day and it is not surprising that in addition to being called ‘The Switzerland of the East’, Tambunan has also been proclaimed as the Bamboo Valley by a handful of outside communities.

Meanwhile, Supilin, born May 4, 1960, is a married man with five children from Kampung Tikolod Tambunan.

He started planting ginger in 1981, where ginger seeds were obtained from Yayang Sanat at Tamu Tambunan.

After a year of planting ginger, he saw that this commodity crop had a very high potential as the climate and condition of Tambunan’s landscape were very suitable for this crop.

He did not waste any time in making the decision to move from being a common cultivator to a grocery wholesaler to market the product outside the district around 1983.

The results were a turning point for the progress and development of the ginger industry in the district as more people began to cultivate ginger.

This was evident when many cultivators started opening and clearing forest areas to plant ginger on a larger scale.

The existence of a single ginger wholesaler at the time provided an advantage to ginger cultivators as they could sell their ginger directly to Supilin without having to worry about marketing and transportation problems.

Source : Borneo Post

Moginakan Fest unites the people

RANAU: The Moginakan Festival is a platform of harmony and unity for the people, asserted Assistant Minister Local Government and Housing Datuk Joachim Gunsalam.

“I feel grateful to see the presence of various parties and the people who are looking forward to this festival because this cultural celebration is uniting us,” he said.

Moginakan refers to the annual Reunion Festival of the great multi ethnic Kadazan Dusun family, while calling to ancestral spirits and souls of all departed, said Joachim during the closing ceremony of the Moginakan Festival at Nunuk Ragang Hall here recently.

“This is an example of harmonious and pluralistic society which should be celebrated by all parties’ regardless the political boundaries.

“It teaches us the importance of unity as the foundation to strengthen the harmony of our rich ethnic and cultural diversity.”

He said Moginakan is a time to meet friends and celebrate the festival together even though this is a Merdeka month.

“And the presence of visitors have also proved how strong the spirit of brotherhood, friendship, sense of belonging and unity that has become a culture and daily life befitting the spirit of “NEGARAKU” and the theme of “MOGINAKAN” ,” enthused Joachim.

He believed the involvement and commitment of all people especially the Kadazandusun Culture Association of Ranau(KDCA) in making the celebration a success through the display of traditional costumes, cuisines, “Rombituon” competition (singing competition) and others have strengthened the sense of belonging and friendship as well as allows us to understand the heritage of a race. He urged the people to always be with the government for the welfare and progress of the state.

“Let’s support the government in order to build and develop the country and state successfully” called Joachim. “We need all the ethnics to stay united to develop Sabah because no one can do it alone,” he said.

Meanwhile, Joachim also announced that the KDCA President Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan will allocate RM10,000 to KDCA Ranau to do the rewiring work of the Nunuk Ragang building in response to a request.

Source: New Sabah Times

Sabah Fitness Festival reaches new milestone

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Fitness Festival 2017 reaches a new milestone as it approaches its fourth installment from 11-13 August 2017.

This annual event, organised in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, is the biggest lifestyle fitness event in East Malaysia, and will once again be hosting the much anticipated X45 Challenge, Sabah Open BJJ & Submission Grappling, a series of fitness education workshops by Fit Malaysia, a fitness exhibition, and other exciting activities.

The objectives of Sabah Fitness Festival are to bring together a regional community, spread awareness on living a healthy lifestyle through health and fitness, and support the local industry by showcasing a variety of fitness products and services.

Its theme “Fit For Life” speaks of fitness as a means to living a wholesome life.

During its only qualifiers, the X45 Challenge saw over 300 athletes participate from all over the world, finally narrowing down to 190 athletes from countries such as U.S.A., Australia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, and from throughout Malaysia.

It is one of the biggest high intensity functional fitness tournaments in Asia and is very exciting to watch. For the first time this year, the X45 Challenge will be hosting a division of Junior athletes who are under the age of 18 years’ old.

Sabah Open BJJ & Submission Grappling Tournament is East Malaysia’s premier grappling competition.

Organised in partnership with Persatuan BJJ Negeri Sabah, the Sabah Open will feature grapplers from the around the region competing in men’s, women’s, and junior divisions in White Belt and Blue Belt levels.

The SFF Fitness Exhibition will showcase brands, products and services from around the region. Vendors will include a genetics driven wellness company from Singapore, “Athleisure” apparel brands from Brunei, and there will be food and beverage booths run by local cafes.

For those looking for a way to get to the venue, Uber will be providing RM7 off on all rides to and from the venue. – PR

Source: New Sabah Times

Food writers, bloggers attending Sandakan Food Festival

SANDAKAN: As the final ingredients are put in place for the first Sandakan Food Festival (SFF) 2017, the local food and tourism community are excited about the confirmation of important food writers and bloggers travelling to the town of Sandakan.

According to the festival coordinator, Anton Ngui, considerable effort had been put into organising the first multi-cultural and largest Sandakan food platform by the Sandakan Tourism Association (STAN).

“Two seasoned travel and food bloggers from China who feature strongly on the blog platform will be visiting.

“From Shanghai, Newpepsibear is a highly popular travel and food blogger, with a quarter of million followers on his Sina and Weibo accounts. With over 100 million hits on his blog since its inception, Newpepsibear is also a travel column contributor to the United States National Tourism office as well as the Sendai City (Japan) Tourism Office.

“Summerdejia is a social media influencer on Sina blog and Weibo, but she also publishes her own cook book, a true food lover. With nearly 300,000 following on her blog and 80,000 followers on her Weibo account, her blog has garnered more than 35 million hits since its creation. Summerdejia hails from Beijing, China,” Anton said.

From Singapore, there will be a team from Seth has a wealth of experience in the food and beverages industry, an ex-bartender as well as owner of numerous food and beverages businesses over the years.

Seth is a now a food retail entrepreneur and consultant, and his site is an important part of his brand. His blog sees around 600,000 unique visitors a month, with over 1.5 million impressions and is one of the highest traffic food blogs in Singapore.

Further food specialists and writers are expected to confirm their attendance at the SFF in the coming weeks, as the team at STAN continues to bring the best of Sandakan to the international audience.


Source: TheBorneoPost

RM100,000 KCC Scholarships Up For Grabs in Magahau Festival

KOTA KINABALU: The Kinabalu Commercial College (KCC) is offering scholarships worth RM100,000 across five courses to deserving candidates who participate in the Magahau Festival this year.

KCC chief executive officer Spencer Soo said the collaboration between the college and the Sabah Momogun Rungus Association (SAMORA) is intended to benefit the Rungus community, particularly those in rural areas.

“KCC is contributing in the form of scholarships to cover tuition fees worth RM100,000 in total, to those who participate in competitions during the Magahau Festival.

“We hope this contribution to the festival will aid in making the SAMORA programme a success, especially in the empowerment and development of the Rungus community through education, as well as people in the north of Sabah,” Spencer told a press conference yesterday.

The five courses offered are Diploma in Tourism Management, Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Accounting (FIA/ACCA) and International English Programme (IEP) Level 1 and 2.

Scholarships for each course will be distributed to two deserving candidates, totalling 10 recipients.

Priority for the available 10 slots will be given to those who participate in the Magahau Festival, especially those who make it into the top 10 of their respective categories, said SAMORA president Datuk Jelani Hamdan.

The Matunggong assemblyman also said that evaluation will be made based on qualifications.

Earlier, Magahau Festival 2017 deputy chairman cum Sodop Papak Tavasi (SPT) and Mitarab Gimpuhut Momogun (MGM) chairman Datuk Cobra Jeffry Ayah said the highlight of the MGM pageant event will be held on July 31 at the Puruvan Square Longhouse in Matunggong, Kudat. According to Cobra, an estimated 10,000 patrons are expected to join in the festivities.

Apart from the MGM pageant, other events held in conjunction with the Magahau Festival include Mitarab Monurizak Magahau (singing), Hontira (traditional sports), Mitarab Mongigol Sumundai (MMS), Mitarab Longoi Kodori (MLK) and Mitarab Pinapakan/Sulap (MPS).

He said there will also be the Mitarab dot Band event, or Battle of the Bands, as one of the newer activities introduced this year.

Source: TheBorneoPost